Our Company

We are a new company in this field but with thirty years experience in import/export in the automotive sector. Our mission is always to have a large stock of used vehicles already restored or to be restored, in order to meet all kinds of demands in sell-in and sell-out, at affordable prices.

How and why this entrepreneurial idea was born?
It was born from an ecological vision on how to move in harmony with nature, rediscovering many uses of these vehicles in addition to golf courses’ ones. In practice we’re going to give a second life to these carts, after their use on the green!
Our vision is that these means can have multiple uses, such as:
in production facilities and beaches, hotels, resorts, villages, fairs, sports and shopping centers, ports and airports, cemeteries, parks, public and private hospitals and nursing homes, penitentiaries, vineyards and nursery gardens, farms, schools and universities.
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